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Exploring Pixiu: Guidelines for Wearing and Taboos Unveiled

by Isabella Carter 2 Comments

Everyone is aware that Pixiu can help attract wealth and prosperity in terms of Feng Shui, but did you know that there are specific methods and taboos for wearing Pixiu? Without understanding the taboos associated with Pixiu wearing, you may unintentionally violate Pixiu's energy, potentially harming its ability to bring wealth and affecting your own fortune. So, how should you wear a Pixiu bracelet, and what are the taboos to be aware of? Below is a detailed introduction to help you avoid violating Pixiu's wearing taboos during your daily use.

The consecrated Pixiu bracelet is typically worn on the left hand. After consecration and acknowledgment as the owner, place the Pixiu with recognition on the back of your left hand. Ensure that the Pixiu's head faces towards the direction of the little finger, and then position the Pixiu's tail towards yourself. Wear it on your left hand.

Taboos for Wearing Pixiu Bracelets:

1. Avoid letting strangers touch your Pixiu bracelet. Wear and carry it yourself.

2. Keep it away from impurities, stains, and blood. Remove it before engaging in activities such as bathing and intimate relations.

3. Regularly clean your Pixiu bracelet, preventing it from getting dirty.

4. Pixiu is lazy, so it's advisable to frequently touch its head and back, avoiding the eyes and mouth.

5. If not wearing it for a short period, you can take it off without concerns about direction. However, if not wearing for an extended time, wrap Pixiu in red cloth and store it securely.


    Who Should Avoid Wearing Pixiu Bracelets?

    1. Individuals under 15 and those above 72 years old should avoid wearing Pixiu bracelets. However, if you're an elderly who has an active lifestyle, or if you meditate regularly, you may be able to take control of Pixiu.


    2. Women should refrain from wearing them during menstruation and pregnancy. Menstruation is the process through which women expel impurities from their bodies. The characteristic of Pixiu is to only take in and not expel, and Pixiu has many taboos, with menstrual blood being one of them. Therefore, it is strongly advised not to wear Pixiu during the menstrual period.

     It's recommended to temporarily remove it and wear it again after the menstrual period ends. After becoming pregnant, a woman's body tends to be relatively fragile, and the baby inside the womb is exceptionally delicate. Wearing a fierce creature like Pixiu is evidently not suitable. Additionally, the fetus is also considered taboo for Pixiu (fetal sha), so if pregnant, it's better not to continue wearing Pixiu.

    3. Individuals engaged in illegal activities or unethical behavior are not suitable wearers of consecrated Pixiu bracelets. Pixiu is a protective spiritual beast that harbors a deep-seated aversion to evil. It has the ability to safeguard virtuous individuals, guiding them towards good fortune and shielding them from malevolent forces.

     When worn by individuals of good intentions, Pixiu not only offers its protection but also bestows the benefits of wealth attraction. However, for those with malicious intent, wearing Pixiu will not bring protection; instead, it may result in harm inflicted by Pixiu itself.

      How to handle the consecrated Pixiu bracelet when not wearing it, and what are the taboos:

      1. There are no specific taboos for temporarily removing Pixiu. It can be placed in a jewelry box or facing the door.
      2. For long periods of non-use, wrap Pixiu in red cloth and store it in a jewelry box. Avoid casually discarding it to show respect for the sacred creature.


      How to Wear Pixiu Bracelets? Left Hand or Right Hand?

      The above paragraphs suggest wearing Pixiu bracelets on the left hand. However, for bracelets made of special materials like obsidian Pixiu, wearing preferences may vary. Obsidian Pixiu bracelets can be worn on either the left or right hand, owing to the unique properties of obsidian , which include warding off evil and preventing illness. The general rule for wearing consecrated Pixiu is to follow the principle of left in, right out when wearing it on the left hand.


      Distinguishing Between Male and Female Pixiu Bracelets:

      When wearing a pair of Pixiu bracelets, there is a distinction between male and female Pixiu, but for single Pixiu bracelets, this differentiation is not applicable. To determine the gender of a pair, place Pixiu on the back of your hand with its head facing outward and the tail towards yourself. If the head doesn't face left, it's a male Pixiu; otherwise, it's female. The male Pixiu attracts and swallows wealth, while the female Pixiu protects and represents the treasure vault. A pair of Pixiu bracelets is often used by couples or lovers.


      19 Dec 2023 Amir K
      Very useful information, but I have a question, if I already have a pixiu bracelet, can I wear the phoenix necklace?
      09 Dec 2023 Ava Walker

      Absolutely love my Obsidian Pixiu bracelet! The sleek black design adds a touch of sophistication, and I can feel the positive energy it brings. A stylish and meaningful accessory.

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