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Experience the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui and the captivating energy of crystals. Feng Shui harmonizes spaces for positive energy flow, while crystals amplify and channel this energy. Discover the perfect synergy between these practices to bring balance, protection, and abundance into your life. Explore the art of harmonious living with Feng Shui and the transformative power of crystals.

About Fengshui

Feng Shui, often written as "fengshui" or "fung shway," is a Chinese philosophical and metaphysical system that focuses on harmonizing individuals with their surrounding environment. Translated as "wind-water" in English, Feng Shui is deeply rooted in ancient Chinese beliefs and practices. It involves arranging physical spaces, such as homes and offices, to create a balanced and harmonious environment believed to enhance the flow of positive energy (Chi氣) and promote well-being, prosperity, and good fortune. Feng Shui considers elements such as the orientation of buildings, the placement of furniture, and the use of colors to achieve optimal balance and positive energy flow. Read more at

What Is Yin And Yang? Defining The Dual Forces Of Ancient Wisdom

The Pixiu, also known as Pi Yao, is a mythical animal from Chinese culture. The creature resembles a large, abstract, but powerful lion creature. It has the head and wings of a dragon. Sometimes they even have a horn. The Pixiu is a symbol for wealth, good fortune, and protection. It is believed to be loyal to its owner and protects them from harm and wards off evil spirits. Read more at

Unveiling The Mystique Of The Gold-Swallowing Beast: A Journey Into Chinese Mythology

In Chinese culture, red is considered a symbol of good luck and protection. Red threads or strings are sometimes used in traditional ceremonies, including weddings and festivals, to bring good fortune.
In China, a dragon is a legendary and mythological creature that holds significant cultural and symbolic importance. The Chinese dragon is often depicted as a long, serpentine creature with the ability to fly and control the weather. Unlike Western dragons, Chinese dragons are generally considered benevolent and associated with good fortune, strength, and power.

The dragon is a symbol of imperial authority and is traditionally linked with the emperor. It represents prosperity, longevity, and the cosmic force of yang in Chinese philosophy. Dragon dances and imagery are commonly used in traditional Chinese celebrations, particularly during festivals and important events, to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits.

In Chinese mythology, dragons are sometimes associated with rivers and seas, and there are different types of dragons with varying characteristics. The image of the dragon has been deeply ingrained in Chinese culture and continues to be a prominent symbol, representing the essence of Chinese identity and history.

The consecrated Pixiu bracelet is typically worn on the left hand. After consecration and acknowledgment as the owner, place the Pixiu with recognition on the back of your left hand. Ensure that the Pixiu's head faces towards the direction of the little finger, and then position the Pixiu's tail towards yourself. Wear it on your left hand.
Women should refrain from wearing them during menstruation and pregnancy. Menstruation is the process through which women expel impurities from their bodies. The characteristic of Pixiu is to only take in and not expel, and Pixiu has many taboos, with menstrual blood being one of them. Therefore, it is strongly advised not to wear Pixiu during the menstrual period. It's recommended to temporarily remove it and wear it again after the menstrual period ends. After becoming pregnant, a woman's body tends to be relatively fragile, and the baby inside the womb is exceptionally delicate. Wearing a fierce creature like Pixiu is evidently not suitable. Additionally, the fetus is also considered taboo for Pixiu (fetal sha), so if pregnant, it's better not to continue wearing Pixiu.

About Crystals

This is a matter of choice. Since the most important aspect of clearing is intention, whatever you do will work. However, there are ways that I prefer. I wash my crystals under warm water with dish soap ( Simply because it is handy.) As the water runs over the crystal I mentally see any old energy being removed from the crystal. I give it love and ask for it to be renewed to it's full power. I do not suggest using salt or salt water as it may pit certain soft stones. This isn't rocket science so don't worry about doing it right. As long as you are in your heart and all is for the highest good you will do just fine.
To choose the right crystal, start by defining your purpose, whether it's for healing, focus, or calmness. Research the metaphysical properties of crystals, considering color associations and chakra alignments that resonate with your intentions. Trust your intuition when selecting a crystal, and consider using tools like a pendulum or visiting a shop to physically connect with different options. Experiment with meditation to visualize your needs and combine crystals for synergistic effects. Remember to cleanse and charge your chosen crystal before use to ensure its optimal energy alignment.
I think so. A particular stone will have the innate energy of that material, however the better a stone you have, the more clear the energy will be. I always suggest that you get the best quality you can afford. However, any stone will be better than none
Some stones are not naturally terminated, broken or just otherwise are not directing the energy of the stone. These will direct the natural energy of the stone better when it is cut and polished in a way that will move the energy in a flowing manner. Most people prefer a natural stone if it accommodates the natural flow of energy.
A crystal will activate an energy center in your body. If that center has been blocked, when it is activated it may create an uneasy feeling. This will eventually go away. This feeling is actually a good thing, it lets you know your crystals are working.
YES! The animals love crystal energy. So do plants!
Of course. This is a great way to get the crystal energy. As long as the stone is in your energy field, it will work. Why not share the beauty of crystals with others by wearing them.
Sure. They love having the company of each other.
Be careful. I would not leave any crystals or minerals with color in them in the sun for any extended period of time. The sun will make most things fade, and crystals are no exception.