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What is the Crystal Seven Star Array?

by Isabella Carter 2 Comments

您真的瞭解七星陣嗎?The Crystal Seven Star Array is a formation created by arranging seven crystals into two equilateral triangles, overlapping at their corners. From a top view, this resembles a hexagram with an additional central point, forming the well-known Seven Star Array. On these seven points, crystal pillars are placed, with the central pillar being at least twice the size of the others, known as the main pillar. Additionally, there's a variant called the sphere array, where seven crystal spheres are arranged in the same pattern, with the central sphere being significantly larger than the others to maintain its effectiveness in attracting wealth and prosperity.

The Seven Star Array can consist of different types of crystals like crystal spheres or pillars, and it can be composed of the same or different types of crystals like clear quartz, citrine, rose quartz, etc.

Do You Really Understand the Seven Star Array? Functions of Different Crystal Seven Star Arrays Different types of crystals form different arrays, each with unique benefits. For instance:

  • Clear quartz (or Phantom Quartz) array for body purification and disaster relief.
  • Green crystal (or Green Phantom Quartz) array for career advancement.
  • Citrine array for wealth, and Smoky Quartz for unexpected fortune.
  • Amethyst array for wisdom and creativity.
  • Rose Quartz array for love and relationships. You can also use a combination of white, yellow, green, purple, black, amber, and pink crystal spheres to form a multicolored array for fulfilling various wishes.

Effects of Different Crystal Arrays

  1. Clear Quartz: Common and affordable, ideal for beginners. It helps in home protection, warding off evil, dispersing negative energy, enhancing spirituality, and calming the mind. It purifies the body from negative energies, promoting recovery and health.
  2. Citrine: Known for attracting wealth, its yellow light creates opportunities and benefits the digestive system.
  3. Green Phantom Quartz: A crystal for wealth, it's especially potent in a Seven Star Array for attracting and accumulating wealth.
  4. Rose Quartz: Enhances relationships, stability in emotions, and is helpful in attracting love and improving interpersonal relationships.
  5. Amethyst: Aids in wisdom and intuition. Especially powerful when used in caves, it's beneficial for meditation, improving Feng Shui, and assisting in decision-making for leaders.
  6. Obsidian: Known for its strong protective qualities, especially effective in a Seven Star Array for warding off evil and aiding in healing, more potent than the clear quartz array.

Arranging the Seven Star Array According to Zodiac Signs and Time

  • Rat: during Chou hour (11 PM - 1 AM)
  • Ox: during Zi hour (1 AM - 3 AM)
  • Tiger: during Hai hour (9 PM - 11 PM)
  • Rabbit: during Xu hour (7 PM - 9 PM)
  • Dragon: during You hour (5 PM - 7 PM)
  • Snake: during Shen hour (3 PM - 5 PM)
  • Horse: during Wei hour (1 PM - 3 PM)
  • Sheep: during Wu hour (11 AM - 1 PM)
  • Monkey: during Si hour (9 AM - 11 AM)
  • Rooster: during Chen hour (7 AM - 9 AM)
  • Dog: during Mao hour (5 AM - 7 AM)
  • Pig: during Yin hour (3 AM - 5 AM)

Directions for Placing the Seven Star Array According to Zodiac Signs

  1. Rat: North
  2. Ox: Northeast by 15 degrees
  3. Tiger: East by 15 degrees North
  4. Rabbit: East
  5. Dragon: Southeast by 15 degrees
  6. Snake: South by 15 degrees East
  7. Horse: South
  8. Sheep: Southwest by 15 degrees
  9. Monkey: West by 15 degrees South
  10. Rooster: West
  11. Dog: Northwest by 15 degrees
  12. Pig: North by 15 degrees West

How to Place the Seven Star Array in Shops for Wealth Attraction Crystals, being natural minerals with special energies, absorb the essence of the earth over years. They have a fixed atomic structure and emanate different energies based on their type. Anyone near a crystal is influenced by its energy. Crystals can attract wealth, bring luck, and provide wisdom. They can also eliminate business obstacles and benefit health. In offices and shops, crystals can be arranged according to the direction the shop faces, using different types for different effects.

Placement of Crystals in Shops Based on Direction

  1. North-facing shops: Use white crystals to harmonize and promote wise decision-making.
  2. South-facing shops: Use amethyst to increase popularity and improve business relationships.
  3. East-facing shops: Green Phantom Quartz for wealth and prosperity.
  4. West-facing shops: Citrine for the best financial benefits.
  5. Southeast-facing shops: Green Phantom Quartz or jade for popularity.
  6. Northwest-facing shops: Yellow crystals for business success.
  7. Southwest-facing shops: White crystals for purifying and strengthening energy.
  8. Northeast-facing shops: Amethyst with a yellow crystal sphere for balancing prosperity and protection.

Understanding the Seven Star Array Crystals are sensitive to energy and interact with everything they contact. When you buy a crystal, it has interacted with numerous objects, so it's essential to cleanse it before use. Wash it with clean water and then expose it to sunlight for several hours before arranging it.

Caring for the Crystal Seven Star Array The crystals in the Seven Star Array need demagnetizing and care. Due to their special structure and purpose, they can't be demagnetized using crystal caves or clusters. Crystal collectors often use special salts for demagnetizing. This is crucial for the array's effectiveness in attracting wealth and prosperity.

Do you really understand the Seven Star Array now?


17 Dec 2023 Amanda Nguyen

Your blog is a treasure trove of information! Learning about the Crystal Seven Star Array has opened up a new aspect of spiritual practice for me. I’m intrigued by the way these crystals work together to balance energy.

15 Dec 2023 Hana Kim

Fascinating read! I never knew the Crystal Seven Star Array had such deep roots in energy work. The way you explained the alignment and properties of each crystal was enlightening. Looking forward to experimenting with this setup in my own meditation practice

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