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Unlock Your Destiny for Free: Explore Four Pillars Feng Shui Calculator

by Crystal Harris 3 Comments

Incorporating a Four Pillars calculator into our exploration of this ancient astrological system offers readers a hands-on approach to understanding their own destiny and personality as outlined by the intricate details of Bazi. This interactive tool not only deepens the connection with the cosmic forces described but also brings a personal touch to the journey of self-discovery through the Four Pillars of Destiny.

Introducing the Four Pillars Calculator

To truly appreciate the depth of insight provided by the Four Pillars of Destiny, we invite our readers to try the Four Pillars calculator. This tool allows you to input your birth year, month, day, and hour to uncover the unique combination of elements that define your Bazi chart. Each of these elements corresponds to different aspects of your life and personality, offering a reflection of your innate traits, potential challenges, and untapped opportunities.

Understanding the Significance of Your Age in the Four Pillars

As you delve into the results provided by the Four Pillars calculator, pay special attention to the age-related phases, also known as "Luck Pillars," which play a crucial role in Bazi analysis. These phases are divided into 10-year cycles, each bringing to light different influences and themes that may become prominent during those periods. Here's what the different age ranges signify in the context of Four Pillars analysis:

  • 4-14 years old: This phase often reflects the influence of the Hour Pillar on one's early education, childhood environment, and initial development. It's a time when the foundational aspects of character and potential begin to emerge.

  • 14-24 years old: Marking the transition from adolescence into early adulthood, this period is influenced by the Day Pillar, highlighting personal growth, identity formation, and the initial steps towards independence.

  • 24-34 years old and beyond: Each subsequent decade represents a shift in focus towards the Month and Year Pillars, indicating a progression into more mature roles within the family and society, career development, and the realization of one's destiny.

By understanding the Four Pillars' influence during these crucial periods, individuals can gain insights into the transitions, challenges, and opportunities that may arise at different stages of life. This awareness allows for a more informed and reflective approach to personal development, relationship building, and decision-making.

Try the Four Pillars Calculator Now


Dive into the fascinating world of Bazi by using the Four Pillars calculator. Discover the elements and animal signs that make up your personal destiny code and explore the profound insights into your character and life path that this ancient practice offers. Whether you're curious about your innate personality traits, seeking guidance for upcoming decisions, or interested in understanding the cosmic forces at play throughout your life, the Four Pillars calculator is an invaluable tool on your journey of self-discovery.

The Significance of Each Pillar

  • The Year Pillar: This pillar offers insight into one’s ancestral heritage, early life, and the external influences that shape the foundational aspects of one's character. It reflects the broader strokes of destiny, setting the stage for the individual's journey through life.

  • The Month Pillar: Representing one's immediate family, upbringing, and the environment during the formative years, the month pillar is crucial in understanding the influences that mold an individual’s early experiences and values.

  • The Day Pillar: At the heart of the Four Pillars, the day pillar is the most personal, signifying the essence of who an individual truly is. It encompasses one's inner self, health, and the trajectory of their adult life. The element and animal sign of the day pillar are considered to be of utmost importance in Bazi analysis.

  • The Hour Pillar: This pillar sheds light on the later years of life, including aspects related to one’s legacy, children, and the culmination of life’s work. It provides insight into the individual's contributions and the continuation of their lineage.

The Connection Between the Four Pillars and Bazi

The Four Pillars are essentially the foundation of Bazi astrology. By analyzing the interplay between the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches within these pillars, astrologers can decipher the energies present at the time of birth. This analysis reveals potential strengths, weaknesses, and pivotal moments in an individual's life.

Bazi is a dynamic system; it takes into account the cyclical changes of the elements and their effects on the individual. For example, the ten-year luck cycles, annual influences, and even daily changes can provide more nuanced insights into one's life path, opportunities, and challenges.

What is Bazi?

Bazi, also known as the Eight Characters or the Four Pillars of Destiny, is an ancient Chinese astrological practice that deciphers the mysteries of an individual's life through the date and time of their birth. This methodology serves as a cosmic blueprint, delineating the characteristics, relationships, and fate of a person. By analyzing the year, month, day, and hour of birth, Bazi offers a comprehensive view of one's inherent personality, health status, familial ties, emotional connections, and life's path, thus earning its reputation as a "destiny code."

The Bazi chart incorporates a cycle of fortune, which is assessed annually from birth and in ten-year intervals, providing insights into the fluctuations and trends of an individual's journey through life.

Why read the Bazi?

Addressing the Root Cause

The common approach to problem-solving often involves tackling the symptoms rather than the underlying issues. For instance, an individual unhappy at work may switch jobs as a quick fix, only to find the same dissatisfaction creeping in if the root cause—such as mismatched company culture or unsuitable job responsibilities—is not addressed. Bazi reading, by offering deep personal insights, can aid in identifying and rectifying these foundational mismatches.

Gaining Self-Knowledge

Understanding one's strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and aversions through Bazi reading enables a person to cultivate their character and devise a life strategy that aligns with their innate potential. This self-awareness is invaluable in career planning, relationship building, health maintenance, and business decisions.

Making Wise Decisions

Recognizing that "luck" or fortune varies with time, ancient Chinese wisdom teaches that one's circumstances change in ten-year cycles. The Bazi chart's ten-year Luck Pillars highlight these ebbs and flows, guiding individuals to make informed decisions. Preparedness can transform potential challenges into opportunities and mitigate adverse effects, much like taking preventive measures during flu season when planning travel.

How to read a Bazi chart?

Understanding a Bazi chart requires familiarity with its structure, which is divided into four pillars: the Year Pillar, Month Pillar, Day Pillar, and Hour Pillar. Each pillar provides specific insights into different aspects of life.

At the heart of Bazi analysis is the "Day Master," the key element that represents the individual. This Day Master reflects the person's core personality, attributes, and life path, and is determined by the Heavenly Stem of the day of birth. The strength or weakness of the Day Master plays a crucial role in shaping the narrative of one's life.

What is the Ten Heavenly Stems?

The concept of the Ten Heavenly Stems is central to Bazi astrology, representing ten distinct types of energy or elemental forces based on the Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water) in their Yin or Yang forms. These Day Masters serve as the protagonist in the narrative of the Bazi chart, each with its unique characteristics, strengths, and challenges:

 Day Master


Associated with

Implied Personality

Jia [甲]



Big trees

Pros: Righteous, direct, kind and down-to-earth

Cons: Stubborn about personal principles, inflexible

Yi [乙]



Flowers and plants

Pros: Gentle, tactful, adaptable and resilient

Cons: Dependent on others, compromise easily, possessive

Bing [丙]




Pros: Easy-going, frank, passionate and generous

Cons: Unpredictable, can be impatient and impulsive

Ding [丁]


Candlelight or torch

Pros: Meticulous, polite, conservative

Cons: Unstable emotions, tends to overthink and conceal true thoughts

Wu [戊]



Rocks and boulders

Pros: Friendly, sentimental, organised and trustworthy

Cons: Can be complacent, stubborn and selfish

Ji [己]



Soil of farms

Pros: Honest, caring, serious and adaptable

Cons: Fierce display of maternal instincts, lacks own standpoint

Geng [庚]



Mineral ore

Pros: Observant, resilient, decisive and loyal

Cons: Too image-conscious, stubborn and careless

Xin [辛]



Precious metals such as gold

Pros: Elegant and charming

Cons: Lacks determination, can be materialistic, wilful

Ren [壬]



Oceans and rivers

Pros: Adaptable, optimistic, relaxed, problem solver

Cons: May seem unstable and wayward due to love for challenge and freedom

10 Gui [癸]



Rain dew

Pros: Introverted, gentle and calm

Cons: Easily suspicious, uptight and overworrying


The Four Pillars of Destiny is more than a predictive tool; it is a sophisticated framework for understanding the intricate dance between human life and the cosmic forces. By exploring the meaning behind each pillar and its contribution to the Bazi chart, individuals can gain profound insights into their character, life path, and destiny. Whether used for personal growth, career planning, or understanding relationships, the Four Pillars offer a timeless wisdom that continues to guide and inspire people across cultures and generations.

Note to Readers

The content provided in this blog is rooted in traditional folklore beliefs and personal insights, offering a cultural exploration of the Four Pillars of Destiny, also known as Bazi. It's important to recognize that this ancient form of East Asian astrology is based on cultural traditions and personal beliefs rather than scientific guidance. The information shared here is not intended as professional advice and should not substitute for consultation with experts in fields such as medical, legal, or financial services. Readers are advised to use their discretion and assume full responsibility for any actions taken based on this content. The authors and the platform bear no liability for direct or indirect consequences resulting from the application of the information provided.


14 Dec 2023 Minh Nguyen

Exploring Feng Shui has been a passion of mine, and this website’s calculator is among the best I’ve encountered. It offers precise and insightful information, backed by excellent customer support.

14 Dec 2023 Carlos García

As an enthusiast, I find this website an invaluable resource for Feng Shui. The calculator is straightforward, and the results are presented clearly. The additional guides and resources are exceptionally helpful.

14 Dec 2023 Emily Smith
I’m thoroughly impressed by the depth of analysis on this website. The Feng Shui calculator isn’t just accurate, it’s also tailored to individual needs. A definite must-visit for anyone serious about Feng Shui.’

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