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Five Things To Know how to wear or use your items

by Isabella Carter 2 Comments


You may have come here to learn how to wear or use an item you have purchased.
If you have not purchased any items yet, you may continue and return when your package arrives.
We will explain and give examples of our most popular Feng Shui bracelets, but the information is correct for any of our items that contain the same symbol.

let's start

5 things to keep in mind when wearing a pixiu bracelet 

1. Who is suitable to wear Pixiu Bracelet?

Minors under 15 years old and elderly people over 72 years old should not wear pixiu bracelets as they may not be able to suppress the beast's vital energy.(However, if you're an elderly who has an active lifestyle, or if you meditate regularly, you may be able to take control of Pixiu.)

2. Should it be worn on the left hand or the right hand?

Pixiu bracelets are best worn on the left hand, not the right, as it is believed that when worn on the left, it symbolizes attracting wealth. Wearing it on the right hand symbolizes sending wealth to others.

3. Should the pixiu head face outward or inward?

Pixiu's head should face outward to symbolize going out to grab your fortune and bring it back. Please do not face yourself when wearing it.

(Not applicable if you have 2 pixiu bracelets or obsidian pixiu)


4. Where should I put it when not wearing it?

When sleeping, bathing or otherwise not wearing it, it should be placed in the living room with the head facing the front door. Do not place it in your bedroom.

5. How to choose the most suitable pixiu bracelet or item for you?

There are some common materials used to make pixiu bracelets, such as gold, jade and crystal. It would be great if you know the lack of five elements in your natal chart and use the right five elements to balance it.

When wearing a pixiu, be sure to touch it to create a connection with it and let it know you are its owner!

 Go to our Four Pillars Feng Shui Calculator to see the missing Five Elements, just enter your date and time of birth!Five Elements


01 Jan 2024 Nia Ogoti

good,good, Can the Pixiu help me to sell more car?

21 Dec 2023 Nia Ogoti
good, can pixiu help me sell the car?

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